Battery Backup Is Not Only Convenient But Saves Lives

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Late for Life and Slowing Response Time

You have an important early morning meeting or appointment and the gate won’t open because of a power outage. You have an alarm sounding and a first responder is unable to access the property leaving the homeowner vulnerable or forcing the first responder to damage the gate and/or operator to get inside.

IS NOT HAVing BATTERY backup right for you?

Many new gate operators have built-in battery backup, but many people aren’t aware that batteries need to be replaced roughly every two years and in servicing gates for the first time we see that many have non-functioning batteries which leave the gate as vulnerable as not having a battery backup system. Some gates are installed without battery backup and require either new operators or a battery backup system to be installed in order to get battery backup functionality. Questions to ask when considering if Battery Backup is important to you:

  1. Do you have small children or elderly that would need rapid access by first responders to the property? What would happen if police or fire were stuck outside of a closed, non-operable gate?

  2. If power were to go out do you have the flexibility to “wait-it-out” for hours or days before your gate became operational;?

  3. If a first responder needed to access the property and needed to breach the gate do you have the time, insurance or resources to pay for the damage which could include the whole gate systems being non repairable?

  4. Do you get packages that would be non-deliverable if your gate was not functioning due to power loss. Would the delivery party leave your packages outside the gate leaving them vulnerable to theft or weather damage?

  5. Do you have guests or tenants that would not be able to access a property because of power failure?

  6. If not battery backup, how do you intend to open your gate for ingress or egress during a power failure? If you determine that manually operating the gate will be your back-up plan, can every person who would need to do so, be able to handle the operation and physical demands of hand-opening the gate?

  7. If a commercial gate,, how do you handle site security with a non-operable gate, do you have the budget to hire security and will the security company allow the gate to be open and closed manually by a guard if physical protection must be maintained at all times per SOW or contractual covenant?

  8. If a commercial site, will a non-functioning gate affect business operations. What will be the cost in time, resources and lost revenue due to a gate failure due to power outage?

  9. If a residential property, how will a gate outage affect residents and will failed gate operability create a liability situation for property management and ownership?

  10. What is the cost of having to initiate an emergency gate opening or repair call for your gate or maintenance team to simply open a non-operable gate?

If any of these questions outline a problematic personal or business case situation that would be unfavorable, investing in battery backup or operator service to insure continuity of gate operations might be the solution for you. Want to discuss your situation with our ProServices team to identify what to do next to insure your gates remain viable in a power outage? Take a moment to fill in the form below and we will have one of our team contact you to understand your current state and determine your power backup plan that is right for your situation.

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