A. New gate estimates and most upgrade estimates are complimentary. However, because service estimates are performed by technicians, service estimates are billed at our current rates (available from service). In most cases, estimate costs can be applied to gate repairs performed by A&D Automatic Gate.


Q. Do you require building permits for gates?

A. Yes. A&D Automatic Gates complies with all local and state building requirements for your protection and ours. Cities, Counties and States can impose costly measures for gates not installed with proper permits. Your A&D sales engineer will determine who will obtain the permit with the governing body as it is often advantageous for a property owner or lessor to obtain the permit since they are the first party and have more influence with local departments,


Q. ARE YOUR gates custom or prefabricated?

A. Every gate A&D produces is custom built based on site and client requirements. Such considerations as design, material and operation are important to make sure that gates perform best over the long term.


Q. Does 43 years really make a difference when it comes to getting a good gate?

A. Absolutely. Over 43 years our research and development teams, engineering teams and install teams have identified the very best way to install a gate for longevity and lowest repair and maintenance costs. A&D has worked closely with manufacturers over the years to reduce installation costs, create more reliable equipment and better installation techniques. Noted improvements A&D has been instrumental in improving are noise reduction, higher quality components and designs developed for extreme environments.


Q. How do I know if the service time I was billed is accurate?

A. A&D has sophisticated tracking systems including mobile time tracking and GPS to insure that our technicians are on site and provide a detailed level of reporting to provide the install team leader with exactly what outcomes and remedies were provided by the technician on-site.


Q. Do you install equipment I purchase online?

A. A&D does not provide installation or warranty for products purchased online by end-users. The reason we do not provide these services is that some equipment is outdated and is not compliant with current safety standards which puts the buyer and A&D at risk. As well, we purchase only directly from manufacturers or through trusted distribution channels to insure all warranties are in place and enforceable, Many people that purchase equipment online find that the warranties are sometimes outdated and very particular about returning the product which can be very onerous and expensive to the gate owner. A&D goes above the standard materials and workmanship warranties offered by others, by extending our warranty to include replacing or repairing equipment we provide on site for an entire year to insure a solid installation and equipment.

Q. Is A&D fully insured?

A. A&D is fully covered by liability insurance to protect our clients. Insurance certificates are available on request.