About UL 325

A Standard Developed to Keep You Safe and help Comply with legal Liability

This video demonstrates how to inspect swing and slide gate installations using the site planning safety checklist to identify UL 325 or ASTM 3000 Compliance. This video is intended for demonstration purposes only.



UL 325 is an industry adopted safety standard that is now being adopted by the National Electric Code (NEC) and the Department of Defense and in some cases it is being adopted and incorporated into local building codes. While it is not a federal law it is a safety standard that was developed by one of the top recognized testing facilities in the world, Underwriters Laboratories (UL), in conjunction with the gate industry to insure that preventable injury opportunity is reduced. Beyond insuring your gate is safer, as a published standard, A&D adheres to the standards of UL 325 and will not install a gate that is not compliant to the standard. This adherence protects our clients from injury and potential litigation of not having the necessary equipment or standards necessary to insure a safe gate installation.

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