New Folding Gate Installation Redwood City

New Folding Gate Installation Redwood City

Breaking Through Complexity as Experts in the Gate and Access Control Industry

Gate Installation isn’t as simple as it used to be with city codes and site access becoming more complicated. You need a company on your side that is an expert and not a generalist in gate installation. The good news is that with thousands of residential and commercial gate installations our team has extensive experience with what works best on each location, city requirements, access and special considerations, ADA considerations and infrastructure recommendations for site preparation and UL 325 requirements to insure that your gate meets or exceeds the accepted requirements of gate safety.

Materials, underground support systems, access controls, vehicle sensors, reach-through protection, operator longevity, environmental considerations. lighting, photo beams, automated vehicle sensing and even surveillance are important considerations when looking at a gate. Making sure the correct configuration is complete prior to installation not only insures that permitting will go smoothly, but also that your gate is “future proofed” as your site requirements evolve.

Ready to have us look at your site? Here are things to consider:

For Gates

  • Gate location distance to the street.

  • Driveway width

  • is the gate on flat or slanted land?

  • Is there enough room for the back-track of the gate?

  • How many people will go through the gate each day

  • How will people open the gate?

  • How will guests get access through the gate?

  • What will the gate look like?

  • What material will the gate be constructed of (wood, steel, combination)

  • How many gates are needed for the opening?

  • Are there tall or wide vehicles entering the property?

  • Are there heavy vehicles entering the property?

  • Are there children or elderly on the property?

  • What is the purpose of adding the gate?

  • Do you need a record of visitors?

  • Are cameras part of your security plan for the gate?

For Access Control

  • Is there currently an access control system on site?

  • How many locations need electronic access?

  • Where is the access monitored?

  • Is access card, password or bio-metric driven?

Considerations before you call A&D

  • Will the city allow the property to be gated?

  • What are the special considerations (Like home owners association approval) of the site?

  • What is the “not -to-exceed” budget.

  • What are the height limitations allowed in your area?

  • What is the maximum allowable blockage of the gate panel?

  • Is there power at the gate site?

  • Do you need access control or cameras?

  • If you are a Home Owners Association or Community, do you need visitor management?

  • If you are considering Access Control, do you have AT&T or Verizon Coverage at your property?

  • How will neighbors respond to your installing a gate?

Typical Gate Types

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Other Gates A&D Installs

Other Gates A&D Provides Random Small.png
  • Barrier Arm Gates

  • Pedestrian Gates

  • Manual Arm Gates

  • Cantilever Gates

  • Traffic Control Spikes ( aka Tiger Teeth for Industrial Applications)

  • Automated Retractable Bollards

  • Crash Barrier (anti-terrorism) Gates

  • Tilt-Up Gates

  • Vertical Pivot Gate

  • Tandem Gate

Example of Tandem Gate

Tandem gates are good choices for locations where a slide gate is ideal but there is not enough stacking room at the back of the gate to accommodate the entire gate panel when the gate is fully open. The tandem gates “stacks” the opening so that less back storage space is necessary. A&D has installed many tandem gates over the years preserving space and providing security.

Non-Recommended Gate Styles

Two gate styles we don’t recommend are the following:

Roll-Up Gates No Install.jpg

Roll-Up Gates

  • Noisy when in motion and sometimes in wind - this is disturbing to adjacent residences and neighbors.

  • Higher maintenance

  • Costly to repair

  • Not designed for heavy use

Overhead Gates No Install.jpg

Overhead (Tilt-UP) Gates

  • Have a generally higher incidence of damage due to getting hit by high vehicles or roof mounted equipment.

  • Wear operators faster, especially if large and heavy

  • Open slowly

  • Motors mounted on ceiling of garage can transmit noise and vibration to first floor apartments

  • Not recommended for high use properties because of start/stop fatigue

  • Higher COA due to frequent replacement of springs.

A&D recommends folding or sliding gates where installation space allows as a replacement to overhead gates.

Note that while A&D does not recommend new overhead (Tilt-Up) gates, A&D will repair or replace them as necessary.

Access Control Installation

Access Control Graphic Small.jpg

A&D installs the following access control:

  • Cellular with Streaming Video Telephone Entry Systems

  • Traditional Telephone Access Systems ( VOIP, Cellular, POTS)

  • Card Readers

  • RFID Readers

  • Barcode Readers

  • Wireless Driveway Intercom with Gate Control

  • Building Door Access control

LED Gate Lighting

Under-gate Safety and Beauty Lighting

Under-gate Safety and Beauty Lighting

A&D is a specialist in LED safety lighting designed for architectural enhancement as well as safety applications.

For Architectural Purposes

LED Lighting can be controlled withing the gate system using the gate operators and controls. We can adjust the lighting color and actions to correspond to an event or action to create a visual “story” of what will happen next. Or maybe it’s just creating a soothing look, light accent or highlight of a gate feature. Today’s gate should integrate today’s technology to create beauty and safety.

For Added Safety Purposes

A&D can design a system that floods the opening of a dark garage with light so the shock of going from a bright outdoor environment to a dark indoor environment will allow better visibility of a gate system. In addition A&D can install color changing indicator lighting showing open/close operations and gate position to help reduce gate strikes that happen because of poor gate visibility. These systems are specially designed for the harsh stop/start environment of gates that would damage traditional LED systems.

See the Torxun Lumina sales sheet for more information.

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A&D Sales Engineers are Trained and Certified AGSD

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