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Out History and qualifications

44 Years of Experience and 6500 Gates has taught us a lot and has provided a significant amount of data over the years . We have been involved in consulting on literally thousands of projects where our value engineering, materials specifications and equipment designs have significantly changed the project to produce a better project that improves project satisfaction and overall reduction in both installation costs and total cost of ownership (TCO) . We take a pragmatic approach to perimeter security looking at property, user, security requirements. local regulations and design efficiency. It is easy to engage with us and we are agnostic to your choice of installation provider.

What we do

Sometimes you need pre-planning that is impartial to typical planning concerns like vendor, pricing or location. You simply need good information based on significant experience of complex projects or complicated requirements. You want this information in planning and you are not ready to choose a supplier or you don’t have budget. You may have been given specific perimeters that will be hard to fit to a project or you may not know the long term ramifications of a design or equipment choice in relation to cost of ownership. Our team will look objectively and with a careful eye to the holistic requirements of a project to insure that the very best project outcomes are developed. We will even generate the Proposal Requests for you. Best of all, we are independent in our recommendations so you can choose your supplier.

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We assess a project, even if it just a napkin drawing, to let you know key attributes up front to consider, whether it be local permitting considerations related to the site or materials and protections needed for specific locations. Maybe you just need a technology plan to insure your property has the best customer experience for your tenants or users and you want to know up front what that will look like to plan your management of access control.


Typical clients include developers, architects, planners, builders, contractors, fencing specialists, landscapers and building owners among others. The client who works with our team is typically looking to reduce cost, reduce approvals, increase performance, increase user satisfaction or improve security and reliability.


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